Calero Software

The beginning to a new peice of telecom management software derived from the fusion of several different platforms



Key Problems
  • There were three different platforms that needed to be merged into one
  • Processes and technologies required new interfaces to support them
  • There were many customer requirements that helped drive overall development
My Role
  • Evangelize proper UX and design throughout the organization
  • Distill feedback and feature requests from stakeholders and customers into actionable items for my team
  • Work with product managers and engineering teams to hand out UX work through mocks and component library

Mobility Portal

The overall goal was to merge software from three different companies in order to create an industry-leading platform. Through customer requirements and user research, my team helped to position the Calero platform to compete with other industry leaders. The initial design focused on allowing employees to manage and order devices and accessories.

New Primary Color Palette





Mobility Portal 1.0

Employee Onboarding

Filtering and Sorting Devices