Overview of Heretto

Heretto is a DITA software solution offered by Jorsek aimed at allowing for more meaningful content creation. I redesigned Heretto from the ground up basing it off its predecessor, easyDITA.

Phase One

Identify key areas of the software that deliver a subpar experience for a majority of the user types.

Landing Page

Main navigation between the key two sections of the software is hidden in the header.
Screen space isn’t utilized properly
Many navigational elements are cut off in their containers
Layout of the dashboard elements are too condensed and the informational hiearchy not optimized
Long menus are difficult to navigate on smaller screen sizes

Content Library without Drawer

The dense table can make it difficult to discern row items when there lots of content

The Content Library with Drawer

Table collumns are cramped and not optimal for some table information
Small navigation makes it hard to move between important workflows
Text can be too small and too light to read properly
Once folders get to several levels deep it makes it difficult to read labels

Content Editor

Rotated text makes these menu items harder to read and are not in line with similar navigational elements
The header is split into two rows but navigational and action items feel disjointed in this format
Sections are difficult to read.
Some areas of the UI don’t have a purpose until activated in certain workflows and take up space in the meantime.
Lots of UI elements suffer from misalignment

Phase Two

This phase consisted of wireframes, low fidelity mocks, intention mocks, and rapidly prototyped interfaces. These aren’t able to be shared. These pieces were used to gather feedback from stakeholders, board members, customers on the early adopter panel, and key internal employees before moving into high-fidelity, development-ready mocks.

Phase Three

These high-fidelity mocks were created to allows the viewer to step through many of the screens are workflows that exist in Heretto.

Landing Page

Content Library without Drawer

Content Library with Drawer

Content Editor